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Back Office Operations in Switzerland

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Back office operations are an important part of any organization. Although not considered to be revenue generating jobs, these are extremely important for the smooth functioning of the organization. With the advent of technology and software to increase efficiency in back office operations, progressive countries like Switzerland are leading the way. Back office operations in Switzerland is much more than just a payroll and accounting department. The functions of back office operations in Switzerland look like this:
1) Performance Management Systems
Tracking for employee effectiveness and throughput, feedback from customers and peers, providing feedback and work plan for the future is all a part of the back office operations in Switzerland. Manager intervention is a part of the job description of individual managers while the processes are looked after by the back office.

2) Workforce Management
Forecasting requirements of workforce, allocation of resources to various departments and their inclusion in system software is a part of back office operation.

backq3) Desktop and Process Analytics
This is useful for adhering to compliance standards as required by the industry. Tools that are installed on your desktop enable the back office to keep a watch on the steps being followed in a specific process and alerts in case of non-adherence. Necessary information is then passed on to the relevant manager for action to be taken.

4) Service Delivery Management
Adherence to processes is a job undertaken by back office. This is relevant for service industry where customer care plays an important role. Creating checkpoints for efficiency of a process and troubleshooting assistance makes the back office services imperative to the service industry.

5) Production Management
Industries that include production systems or a manufacturing line has to follow SOPs and compliances. Creating, updating and adherence to SOPs have been taken over by back office operations in Switzerland.