Technical Architecture Lead

July 5, 2019
WEBMOB is a tech company which loves start-ups.

As the technical architect, you’ll be responsible for defining the overall structure of a program
or system. You’ll act as a project manager, overseeing IT assignments that are aimed at
improving the business, and ensuring all parts of the project run smoothly.

Some of the main tasks you can expect to be involved in include:

  • Identifying the organisation's needs
  • Breaking down large scale projects into manageable chunks
  • Working out which IT products to use based on cost-benefit analysis and research
  • Agreeing on plans with the client
  • Explaining to designers and developers what's required and overseeing the progress
  • Producing documents that monitor progress and ensure the quality of the project
  • Advising the client on managing future IT needs

Required skills

  • Must have 6-8 years of years in the domain
  • Good communication with clients/operational managers – listening and providing answers
  • Ability to gather and assimilate information
  • Ability to think ahead and anticipate problems, issues, and solutions
  • Ability to work under pressure and meet deadlines