Trade Finance

Trade Finance application on Blockchain is robust architecture and defining letter of credit for the application. Hence, we identified the parties that had to be included on the application and so we defined their respective node structure. The node structure defined the node of the party on the Corda DLT platform which was accessible through an RPC connection.

Next, We developed a customized smart contract structure to issue the LC on the DLT platform.. The LC was saved as a draft on the immutable ledger which was shared among the different parties as per the traditional use case. Key Corda features such as states, contracts, and flows were the basic building block of the application.

Glow Concierge

Glow Concierge came about because two young mothers who, despite the lack of time and mobility, didn’t want to miss out on beauty treatments and spa visits. That’s why they came up with the idea of offering a concierge service for beauty treatments that you can have at home.

This is where we came into the game. We helped them achieve this goal by getting them to exist digitally. We developed their web application using their idea and then shaping it into the most perfect form that was possible. We exhibited our technical as well as designing skills to mould it into the best.

Now, that we are finished with the development of the Glow Concierge’s web application, it is the first digital booking system in Switzerland for beauty treatments that can help you to conveniently book services to your home, hotel or office.

Instimatch Global

Our digital network enables a global community of institutional borrowers and lenders to make valuable trading connections and put liquidity to work. Clients using our network include banks, corporations, pension funds, asset managers, family offices, insurance companies and municipalities.

The digital network offers a wide range of functionalities and products. Our main goal is to provide a fast, secure and user-friendly trading network for institutional clients from diverse sectors and countries, leveraging the latest Distributed Ledger Technologies (DLT). We decided to develop our applications on a permissioned blockchain because of higher levels of trust, security and speed. To do so we chose the DLT infrastructure provider R3, which created the open source blockchain platform CORDA.