AMS Bridge Blue

AMS Bridge Blue is a new generation event creation and management app developed by WebMob which allows an admin to create an event and manage the schooling staff, students attending the event by the use of various features included in the app. Using this link, students can register themselves for the event and after the registration is done the students are provided with a QR-Code through a confirmation mail of registration to the event, which is unique to every person. The attendance to the event is calculated based off on the scanning of these provided QR-Codes at the venue of the event, this information is sent to school officials and the staff.

Glow Concierge

Glow Concierge came about because two young mothers who, despite the lack of time and mobility, didn’t want to miss out on beauty treatments and spa visits. That’s why they came up with the idea of offering a concierge service for beauty treatments that you can have at home.

This is where we came into the game. We helped them achieve this goal by getting them to exist digitally. We developed their web application using their idea and then shaping it into the most perfect form that was possible. We exhibited our technical as well as designing skills to mould it into the best.

Now, that we are finished with the development of the Glow Concierge’s web application, it is the first digital booking system in Switzerland for beauty treatments that can help you to conveniently book services to your home, hotel or office.